Victor Wooten sluit aan bij Cory and The Wongnotes in deze 70 minuten BASS special

Waanzinnige studiospecial over 'de bas' door Cory Wong and the Wrongnotes, featuring de bassist van de Wrongnotes Sonny T. ofwel Sonny Thompson en featuring Voctror Wooten.

Cory and The Wongnotes // BASS (feat. Victor Wooten)
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Victor Wooten - bass
Cory Wong - guitar
Sonny Thompson - bass/guitar
Kevin Gastonguay - keys
Nêgah Santos - percussion
Petar Janjic - drums
Eddie Barbash - alto sax/soprano sax
Kenni Holmen - tenor sax/flute
Sam Greenfield - bari sax/bass clarinet
Jay Webb - trumpet/flugelhorn
Jon Lampley - trumpet/flugelhorn
Michael Nelson - trombone/horn arranger

Produced by Cory Wong
Mixed by John Fields
Engineered by Jake Hartsfield and Caleb Fisher
Mastered by Will Quinnell

Executive Producer - Cory Wong
Director - Ben Kadie
Director of Photography Matt Burke
Producers - Cory Wong, Maggie Phillips, Michael Bowden
1st AD - Micah Johnson, Michael Bowden
Key PA - Drew Arnett
Editors: Cory Wong, Ben Kadie, Michael Bowden
Writers - Cory Wong, Ben Kadie, William Gianetta, Meg Sinick, Luke Moran, Kay Kaanapu
Camera - Matt Burke, Dakota Diel, Trent Millspaugh, Michael Bowden
Lighting Director - Jacob Padgett
1st AC - Eduardo Orozco, Izzy Rael
DIT - Christopher Tawney, Eduardo Orozco, Izzy Rael
Gaffers - Mark Lopez, Ezra Robinson
Key Grip - Hunter Rodgers
Hair/Makeup - Brie Beckman, Darlene Orellana, Janelle Wood
Boom Ops: Sandra Joen Pérez, Zach Bair
Nashville Production Designer - Tricia Robertson and Cory Wong
LA Production Design - Denver Kotian
Set Build - Clint and Sharmon Scenic Fabrication

Cory Wong - Cory Wong (Great British Bass Off)
Sonny Thompson - Sonny T (Great British Bass Off)
Kris Ann Russell - Annie (Great British Bass Off)
Simon Richard Boughey - Paul (Great British Bass Off)
Kristine Pooley - Mary (Great British Bass Off)
Donna Park - Sandy (Trading Basses)
Grant Harrison - Jules (Trading Basses)
Michael J. Sielaff - Host (Trading Basses)

0:00 Trading Basses
0:50 Introduction/Monologue
5:32 The Great British Bass Off
10:39 Direct Flyte (feat. Victor Wooten)
16:21 Jet Screamer
21:00 The Victor Wooten Interview
1:07:45 Outro
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Alles wat je wilt weten en horen over de baspartij in While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Bass Guitar Isolated!

The Mystery Bass of While My Guitar Gently Weeps

George Harrison’s 1968 song While My Guitar Gently Weeps is often cited as one of the finest songs written during
his tenure with The Beatles. But there’s a mystery buried in the track that recently has become the subject of renewed debate among Beatles scholars and fans alike: who is playing the bass part? As a fair warning, once I point this mystery out, you can't unhear this ;)

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Special thanks to the following individuals for sharing insights and materials for this episode:

Dave Rybaczewski
Mark Lewisohn
Eli Rosen
@DLD2 Music!

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Questions / Comments / Ideas:
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Julia Hofer van Thomann neemt de legendarische baslijnen van ABBA met ons door - top stuff!

Top 5 ABBA Bass Lines | Julia Hofer | Thomann

Today Julia grooves to her Top 5 ABBA Bass Lines!
What are your favourite ABBA songs or bass parts? Let us kn
ow in the comments!

Gear used:
Mixed with Universal Audio:
Monitors optimised through Sonarworks:

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00 Intro
0:58 Song 1: Waterloo
2:18 Song 2: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
3:55 Song 3: Dancing Queen
4:53 Song 4: Knowing Me, Knowing You
5:42 Song 5: Voulez-Vous
6:28 Thank You for watching!
6:44 Outro Playing: No Doubt About It

Twitter: @thomann

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Fragment uit de Beatles Get Back docufilm op Disney+ waarin Paul McCartney Get Back 'schrijft'

Paul McCartney composing Get Back (January 7, 1969)

Thundercat over zijn favoriete baslijnen, van Cream (Jack Bruce) tot D'Angelo (Rafael Saadiq)

Thundercat Breaks Down His Favorite Bass Lines | Under the Influences | Pitchfork

Songwriter and bass connoisseur Thundercat takes an in-depth look at some of his fa
vorite bass lines of all time. From Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" to The Brothers Johnson's "Strawberry Letter 23," Thundercat breaks down just what makes them so spectacular.

Thundercat's new album "It Is What It Is" is out April 3rd.

D'Angelo - Lady
The System - You Are in My System
Bernard Wright - Haboglabotribin
Cream - Sunshine of Your Love
Graham Central Station - Hair
Herbie Hancock - Chameleon
Jaco Pastorius - Portrait of Tracy

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Thundercat Breaks Down His Favorite Bass Lines | Under the Influences | Pitchfork
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